Warriors Of The Light

Warriors of the Light
Warriors of the Light
Author Sir Jean-Pierre d'Armagnac
Date Unknown Date


From childhood on, we hear tales of heroes in times of war. Their bravery and prowess become shining examples of the strength and glory that mankind can achieve. Then, as childhood disappears, so do our dreams. How can battle prowess be any example to the life of a merchant?

We forget that these heroes live their life the same way as they fight their battle. As we can learn from them in battle, so can we learn from them to live and brave our challenges in life with all our heart. This books describes the ways of the warriors of Light so they may be an example to us in life.

How is this book to be interpreted then? It may be in two ways. There is the literal sense, where warriors of the Light are trained by similar principles for their warfare. But there is also the metaphorical sense, in which battles are challenges in life, where enemies are our own doubts and fears, and the path is the road to enlightenment and following our dreams.

The book is considered a work in progress. Not because it is incomplete, but simply because the path it describes is infinite and the wisdom of the path of the Light is endless.

Warriors of the Light do not heed fear

Warriors of the Light do not succumb to fear. Fear is a mind killer. It is a dark power, able to cloud one's mind and perception of fact. The crooked become cunning. The few become numerous. The weak become strong. Options become limited. A warrior of the Light does not heed these emotions. The Warrior's judgment can not be clouded by fear.

Warriors of the Light are brave, perhaps bold

Warriors of the Light have a clear goal and path ahead. They understand this and do not doubt, nor hesitate, nor tally. Warriors of the Light brave any challenge in their path. They accept these battles and do not let them stray from the path. They fight to the death, if they must, for there is no other path than theirs. They may appear bold to outsiders who do not see the road that leads them.

Warriors of the Light are patient

They do not tally nor act rashly. They plan and time their steps with great care untill they have chosen the right course of action. They follow it dilligently and without hesitation, but will not be pushed into a blind rush.

Warriors of the Light know when to rest

They fight and work with conviction, but they acknowledge the strength that the next day can bring. They walk only one straight path and do not let fatigue divert them. Instead they pause, and replennish their strength to fight the battles ahead of them.

Warriors of the Light savour life

An enemy can not lure the warriors to a glorious but meaningless death. The warriors do not dream of heroic deaths or glorious battlefields. They do not seek meaning in death but meaning in life and value it greatly as well as their own. Nor do the warriors fear death, for they know theirs actions to be just, and they meet their final battle head on with dignity and all they were taught.

Warriors of the Light fight with conviction

Battles and enemies are chosen with great care and witheld if possible. But when the time to fight has come, they strike with all their heart and determination. They cease battle only when their goal is met.

Warriors of the Light are not tricksters

They follow only their path as shown to them by the Light. They give no value to lies and deceit for these do not lie in their path. They do not stray from their cause in their effort for victory. The deem the road they walk more important than the distance they travel.

Warriors of the Light do not disregard tactics

They acknowledge advantage and accept all blessings the Light gives. They fight with all they have and try to outsmart their opponent. They do not give away their victory to blindness. None of their actions is foolish or blind.

Warriors of the Light know compassion

They fight only when they must and will cease battle when it has been won. They heed neither their pride nor the empty pleads from their enemy. They know the difference between compassion and foolishness. Warriors of the Light are determined in their battle and will not be strayed from their cause.

Warriors of the Light stay their anger

Disappointment, failure, loss can come to those who are bold and fight for a cause. The warriors of the Light accept this and don't let these emotions divert them or nor stay them in their journey. Instead, they stay these emotions. With their quest comes risk and they meet it fearless and bold, every time again.

Warriors of the Light fear no tears

They understand these emotions only honor the hearts dear to them. A loss, they mourn. A new love, they welcome with all their heart. They understand that one must love ere one can lose and will bear the pain of loss, without losing track of the time that was shared and enjoyed.

Warriors of the Light encourage their fellow man

They acknowledge their fellow souls and motivate them to great deeds. They know the strength of friendship and inspiration, and they chose them as allies in their battles and their lives.

Warriors of the Light are passionate

They only know one path and live it with all their heart, their mind and their life. They live every moment to the fullest, they cherish all they hold dear with all their love and they fight with everything they have for what they deem right. They walk their path with unparallelled joy and meet any challenge with unparallelled determination.

Warriors of the Light remain vigilant

Even when they rest, or take time to replennish their souls they remain ready for the next battle. Peace does not lull their minds to sleep, nor does rest let their hearts become unfit. At all times, warriors of the light retain the will to confront their challenges and battle with all the strength they have.

Warriors of the Light learn from battle

Warriors of the Light know that practice teaches only so much. They rightfully respect the challenges and experience that battle brings. Each blow, each strike, each move of the foe is welcomed as a lesson. Through battle alone can they become the great Warriors of the Light.

Warriors of the Light know Respect

As they learn from battle, so do they see an opponent as a teacher. As they value their own life, so they value the life of others. As they strike with conviction, so they stay their blade with conviction. As they have dignity, so they respect the dignity of others. But above all Warriors of the Light respect life and let nothing stray them from that path.

Warriors of the Light are generous

They give all to pass on the Light that burns in them or to kindle it in the heart of their brother. They give and battle, even if unasked but required, to help a brother in need. Warriors of the Light are ready to abandon all they have if it would aid their fellow man. They walk to their goal, helping all they can in their path.