The Light And Its History


Foreword by Exaythe

Fellow Disciples,

in this short booklet you will find the most crucial information about the Light, and the behavior expected of you during your service. Please read this carefully, below you will find a list of books if you wish to pursue this topic further.

I hope I informed you well enough to be prepared for service with the Disciples of Light.

Be at Peace.
Light be with you.
Bishop Exaythe the Abjurer

Foreword by Sir Jean-Pierre d'Armagnac

Fellow Disciples,

I have been able to recover this book from the library of the Disciples post its destruction in the year 25. Despite the book's survival of the fire, it could be noted that it was in dire need of being copied and reconstructed. However, reading the work has encouraged me to make some small refinements in the calygraphy and add a few facts in the history of the Light. I have indented these additions from the original text, for what I would deem an important completion of an already exemplary book. May it prove a good introduction to the Light and serve its original purpose, once more.

Light protects and restores,
Sir Jean-Pierre d'Armagnac.

Nature of Light.

The Light is no Deity, no god. It is a universal power and a philosophy. The Light comes into your being through your positive feelings. By harboring those feelings and acting on them you will be granted Lightís power. Light comes from within, not from without.

The Three Virtues

Philosophy of the Light is divided into the three Virtues, by adhering to them you will acquire greater wisdom and power of the Light, as well as live in a pure and Good way. The Virtues are,

This Virtue teaches to respect everything around you, as all things in the universe are interconnected, and you are connected to the Universe. You must be aware of that bond, and respect the world around you as you respect yourself.
This Virtue teaches patience and discipline. Following lightís path is not an easy task and will take long. Remaining calm and respectful is hard and requires a lot of patience, you must not give up and not lose faith.
This Virtue teaches to not only be aware of bond between Self and Universe, but also exploit it further for showing and acting upon positive emotions, offering aid, helping the needy and showing love and friendship. Compassion is the hardest of virtues, most hard to master- and the one most rewarding.

History of the Light

Human History

Among humans, Faith in the Light emerged a long time ago, estimated to be about 1200 years ago, in the human nation of Arathor. It is assumed there was a great need for spirituality at the time. The first practices of the Light started later, in city-state of Lordaeron. The seat of The Archbishop was, however, positioned in the Grand Cathedral of Stratholme. The Light was mostly practiced by clerics and there were no paladins. Understanding of the light and its nature is considered poor by modern standards, and the clerics of that time even referred to the Light as 'the Gods'.

One can reflect on the inexistence of the Paladins to be a result of relative times of peace the Kingdoms experienced before the First War. The order of Paladins had not been founded at the time. Still the church and kingdoms had soldiers of the Light. These were the clerics of old that would take up arms to defend the innocent. Unfortunately, these clerics proved insufficiently trained in the ways of battle and the respective clerical orders suffered heavy casualties. This was painfully clear during the first War. Yet their ways of healing were important to the support behind the battle lines. It could be noted that the severity of their losses in the First War indicated the importance to have followers of Light master both the practices of the Light and the ways of battle.

At the dawn of the second war Uther Lightbringer, a cleric of the ruined abbey of Northshire, combined the art of war and the Light, becoming the first Paladin and founded the Order of the Silver Hand. He was made the first Grandmaster of the Silver Hand at Alonsus Chapel in Stratholme by Archbishop Alonsus Faol. It is during these times of need that Light's power to heal was truly discovered and that men learned more about its mysteries. Faith in the light expanded from the Silver Hand, and spread to High Elven and Dwarven lands where even to this day we may find Light's followers among these races.

Draenei History

The Draenei followed the Light ever since their Exodus from their homeworld of Argus(-25000 years). Unlike humans who have taught themselves, Draenei learned of the Light from the creatures known as The Naaru who guide them to this day.

It is said that the Naaru blessed the Draenei both with the Light and their knowledge on the Light. During their long exodus, the Draenei have cultivated their worship of the Light and incorporated it in their culture. They leader, Velen the Prophet, is also their spiritual leader of faith, although the Draenei will always recognize the Naaru to be the bringers of their faith.

Behavior of the follower of the Light

Here I will not try to claim to know better, nor force you to behave strictly but merely give the directions so you can find your own way.

Bishop Exaythe the Abjurer.

Be courteous and respectful ñ even to enemies. Showing respect costs nothing, and counts for a lot. Insulting and swearing serves no purpose and directly opposes the virtue of respect. In the end it is always better to be kind and respectful than savage and insulting. You must realize that other people have feelings of dignity and honor, and seek not to break it. Most importantly, respect other ideas and views of the world. If you do not agree with them, try to discuss the matter in a civil manner. If others do not let go of their non Malefic beliefs, then simply let them believe in them.

Seek to be patient with others, as well as yourself. Do not rush ahead without thinking. Do not expect others to be just as good and pure as you. Give people time, and give yourself time to learn. Be patient, as patience will bear fruits.

Harm as little as possible. Never harm for vengeance or pleasure. If an enemy surrenders, there is no need to beat or humiliate him. You must bring happiness, not pain. Remember that pain is part of the world, and should it be the only option ñ you inflict it.

You should be courageous, determined and tenacious. Do not step down before a shadow. Do not fear death when lives of innocents are at stake. But you must not be a zealot. Remember that some situations are impossible to solve without clear answer. As always, the middle path is the best one.

You must give people a chance to learn and to redeem themselves, whenever possible. Such choice might be hard, but sometimes it is best. At least you must forgive your enemies and hold no hatred or anger towards them. This does not mean that, should they harbor evil, you shouldn't touch them. Those who seek to harm must be dealt with, forgiven or not.

  • Be respectful and courtly
  • Be patient
  • Show empathy and compassion
  • Be courageous and determined
  • Seek to fight the darkness and the evil.
  • Do not become a zealot. Keep your mind open and choose the middle path.
  • Do not harbor hate, anger or vengeance.
  • Do not inflict harm unless it is needed

Further Reading

History, lore and Biography

You can find more books and references within the library, consult a librarian for advise. The following titles come recommended.

Metaphysics and Philosophy