Bors Lighthammer

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Sir Bors Lighthammer

A brief history

Founding Member

Sir Bors Lighthammer is one of the four founding members of the Disciples of Light. He was appointed as Chaplain by Sir Aarian Northlight, being one of two Chaplains when the Disciples of Light started out.

The Battle at the gates of Stormwind

Sir Bors had always been a strong voice, and sword arm, in the opposition against the Forsaken and Scourge. Soon after the first war of the Disciples of Light, they found themselves forced to defend the walls of their capitcal city: Stormwind. It is recorded that Sir Bors single handedly took down three infernals. Soon following the While detailed records of the battle proved lost, it is refered to that Bors.

Bors captivity

In the year following the Disciples' first war, Chaplain Bors Lighthammer was captured by The Old Lordaeron, a Forsaken group, after scouting the Tirisfal Glades. A rescue mission found him outside the sewer entrance trying to fend off over ten Forsaken. With the aid of his fellow Disciples, he managed to defeat his assailors and return to Stormwind with Bors.

The Battle of Thoradin's Wall

Chaplain Bors Lighthammer led The Disciples army in the battle of Thoradin's Wall. The battle's purpose was to avoid the Horde in successfully bringing home the artefact named the Frozen Rose. Despite a brutal battle, the Horde managed to escaped with the Frozen Rose artefact.

Battle of Eternal Flame

The battle of Thoradin's Wall was followed by the Battle of the Eternal Flame. Aarian and Bors both led The Disciples in the frontline.

The Westfall Lighthouse contains a flame made by forgotten magic that would not falter, through wind, water or lack of service. This flame was the only one known to be able to destroy the Frozen Rose artefact. The Alliance gathered at the Lighthouse but were out-numbered, the Horde pushing them back to Elwynn's borders. The War of the Frozen Rose culminated in Horde victory as they ransacked Westfall, but in the ensuing chaos, the Frozen Rose artefact was lost.

Death of Chaplain Bors Lighthammer

In a battle with the Blood Elves, Sir Bors Lighthammer was lost. Sir Aarian Northlight was captured by the Blood Elves and shown Bors' bloody tabard as proof. Only after Sir Aarian's escape did the news of Sir Bors Lighthammer's death. It marked the start of a bitter, ongoing war with the Sin Belore Blood Elves.